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I haven't posted any art here since may...
so i wanted to get it caught up.
hopefully y'all enjoy it tho!

I’ve been getting tons of asks/messages about commissions lately tho i haven’t been responding to a vast majority of them. Sorry.

Mostly due to my own fears and self doubt, so don’t fret if i haven’t responded to your messages, I’ve gotten them, just too chicken to respond. :/

but i need to start making money at some point this year, otherwise i’ll have gone a full year and not made much of anything..

So expect commissions to be opening next week, I’ve got a busy weekend ahead with a concert and all that jazz. but after that, I should be good to go.

I’m not really happy with it, so I’ve decided to change my page to a “Tip jar” for people to donate what they want without the stress of me being overwhelmed with workloads i cant handle.

$1 or more a month gets you access to full-size downloads of my finished pieces, previews of current/upcoming projects, also monthly sketch dumps.

Thank you, to those that have already been supporting me, and thanks to anyone who also contributes~

You can support me here:

you can also follow me on tumblr below:


Why? I want to get paid doing what I love! And to give you all the chance to continually support me in my personal works~
So you can support me and my various projects without the cost of commissions. (You can also set monthly limits)

What you’re supporting:

  • Personal art (completed works only)
  • Meerkat project (More info later)
  • Great and Lustful Trixie (Tumblr Ask-blog, pinups, posts, animations)
  • Monthly Requests. (Upon reaching first goal, Will be posted as a collection with a link of all completed sketches)
  • Monthly sketch dump collections.

What’s NOT supported:

  • Commissions. (I’m not going to charge you for already paid work)
  • Random or quick sketches/WIPs
  • Gift art to friends.

All completed works will be posted freely as before, that’s not going to change for those of you who cant support.

Where to find

Where I post:
All links contain NSFW content.

Thank you for your time and interest!
And thank you all for following and supporting me!


just letting you all know i'll be at bronycon in baltimore the weekend!
Im not selling anything, but i'll likely be chilling with Avante92 and others~

If you wanna be able to spot me here's my face:…
Finally decided to ditch my old DA account to match my more recent work and screen name. I've had this account sitting around for ages tho.

Feel free to follow me at the following locations:

This new page will include all my SFW content and mild NSFW pieces.